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102 S Topanga Canyon Blvd
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I-CODA International Centers of Divine Awakening , founded by Swami Premodaya is a spiritual center to promote growth of the individual's innate spirituality. Offerings include public events, online satsang, discourse, all day workshops, and spiritual retreats.


I-CODA Annual Summer Retreat with Swami Premodaya

at RW Ranch & Spiritual Retreat Center in Lucerne Valley, California High Desert


Check-In:  Friday, [DATE TBD] ~ 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Check-Out:  Monday, [DATE TBD] ~ 1:30pm


8088 High Road, Lucerne Valley, CA 92356


Founded by Dr. Michael Gottlieb, a spiritual master with a background similar to Swami Premodaya, RW Ranch is a stunning, radiantly peaceful 840-acre private spiritual retreat facility in the Southern California high desert.  Joyfully operated and meticulously maintained by faithful (volunteer) disciples of the late guru, it offers beautiful grounds and accommodations, as well as gourmet vegetarian spa meals.  Located 25 minutes north of Big Bear Resort (100 miles northeast of Los Angeles; about a 2-hour drive), Swami Premodaya has personally chosen this retreat site for its concentrated and powerful spiritual energy.  Amidst the majestic desert beauty, there is a radiating sense of deep serenity, tranquility and meditativeness.  The energy of the Divine is palpable here - this is truly sacred space.

I-CODA’s residential retreats have proven to be powerful vehicles for accelerated personal growth, realization and permanent transformation.  This human life is a profound cosmic adventure.  Premodaya’s work makes the deeper levels of this journey more directly tangible and experience-able for participants.  Sharper awareness, expanded consciousness and a more open heart are the richer possibilities that pave the path to the God-centered/Truth-devoted life.  The daily life by-products along the way are love (‘open heart’), wisdom (‘Truth-devoted’) and happiness (‘God-centered’).  Together, these reveal Freedom and Peace.  

Premodaya’s Master, Gangaji, has said:  “The deeper investigation demanded by a spiritual life, revealed the limits of my idea of freedom.  I came to recognize that the desire ‘to do whatever I want to do’ is an infantile, or at best, an adolescent view of freedom.  To be free to do what I want to do, is not reliable freedom at all.  What one simply wants to do, is dictated by impulses, instincts, desires, and other people’s opinions.  It’s dictated by memories and by thoughts about what may come next.  This is the opposite of freedom!”  And Premodaya explains: “True happiness is spiritual happiness.  It’s the content-edness that arises when you’re not being ruled by ‘impulses, instincts, desires and opinions’ (worldliness)—not captive to ‘memories and thoughts’ (personality). When instead, you’re identified with the Divine itself.  Truth becomes actually available, only when you’re no longer a slave to yourself. Truth, Freedom, inner Peace, God-centeredness—these are potentials.  They result from going beyond your limited personal psychology—from moving toward the Universal, the Timeless, the Infinite and Eternal.  Ultimately this is achieved through surrender (as reached through love, devotion or trust [‘bhakti’] or through higher knowing [‘wisdom’ or ‘jnani’]), which simply amounts to overcoming restrictive individual will. Overcome your willfulness, and you’ll become truly happy, truly free, truly a willing participant in life—a grateful participant in the higher life, which is the Divinely-oriented life."




3 days/3 nights, triple or quadruple occupancy. Room assignments are based on available space, and I-CODA is pleased to take personal preferences into account, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be met.

The beautiful ranch property is situated at an altitude of 3,700 feet, in the high desert foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains.  I-CODA has reserved the entire sprawling ranch property for our use, including the many lush amenities:  numerous groves, gardens, hiking trails, padded outdoor practice area (yoga, tai chi, nataraj, etc.), swimming pool and cabana area, and many designated, tranquil meditation spots.



Healthy and delicious vegetarian meals, snacks and beverages are all included in the tuition.  The ranch kitchen places emphasis on using fresh (and even homegrown) ingredients, and serving meals that please the palate.  Please let us know of any personal dietary restrictions or needs when you register, as we are pleased to accommodate you, if possible (we work directly with the kitchen staff and facility management).


Pre-registration and tuition payment are required prior to admittance.

Payment plans and limited scholarships are available to qualified applicants (all scholarships are partial scholarships -- you must pay something).  If limited income or resources genuinely precludes your being able to attend, I-CODA is pleased to offer payment plans and/or scholarship opportunities.  For this event, payment plan arrangements must be completed, and scholarship applications must be received, by no later than [DATE TBD].   

To register, request a scholarship application, or for more information, please call 310-497-1899 or email

TUITION (All-inclusive:  Full retreat program, lodging, meals, snacks & beverages)

$995.00 Through [DATE TBD] - Special Earlybird price
$1,150.00  [DATES TBD]
$1,500.00  [DATES TBD]

For a private room with bath, add:
$650.00 through [DATE TBD]
$750.00 after [DATE TBD]


Detailed driving directions are provided in your Summer Retreat registration packet.  For registrants flying in, specific airport and transportation information will be provided.


- Pack light - it's only three days, and remember that it's the 'high desert' - pack accordingly 

- Clothing for warm to cool days, and cold nights (layers)

- Flashlight

- Footgear for hiking (desert terrain)

- Swimwear (there's a pool and a hot tub)

- Comfortable apparel for yoga, dance, etc.

- Don't bring food or snacks, as they are not allowed in the rooms (it's a resort in a wilderness area with      wildlife); the kitchen provides ample snack food.


Tuition paid for I-CODA residential retreats is non-refundable and non-transferable.  If you need to cancel for any reason, we will gladly apply your tuition payment toward any future I-CODA retreat or event (with certain limitations, as stipulated below):

- Through [DATE TBD]:
     Full credit toward any future I-CODA event(s) or offering(s) - minus $95 cancellation fee.

    Full credit toward any future I-CODA event(s) or offering(s) - minus $395 cancellation fee.

- As of [DATE TBD] and thereafter:
    No credit toward future I-CODA event(s) or offering(s) - cancellation fee equal to full tuition


Here's a gallery from previous Summer Retreats: