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I-CODA International Centers of Divine Awakening , founded by Swami Premodaya is a spiritual center to promote growth of the individual's innate spirituality. Offerings include public events, online satsang, discourse, all day workshops, and spiritual retreats.


Swami Premodaya

An Invitation to Support our Work

The INTERNATIONAL CENTERS OF DIVINE AWAKENING (ICODA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the growth of the individual's innate spirituality through providing individual guidance, through organizing and holding public events and spiritual retreats, and through disseminating information regarding personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening.

All of these activities are supported through fees collected for services rendered, and through your donations.  Rent, advertising, printing, and all the other on-going costs to bring ICODA's services to the public add up to a sizeable monthly cost, just to keep ICODA going and available to all.  

ICODA exists to serve you, but cannot survive without your support.   We are deeply grateful for your past donations and patronage, and we humbly ask you to consider making a donation at this time, to allow us to continue our programs and further our outreach.  Won't you consider a financial gift of support today?

Making a donation is easy, just call 310-497-1899 or click on the button below.  No amount is too small, and literally every dollar makes a difference in our ability to operate and serve.  

Thank you so much for your support.