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‘TRYING TO BE CONSISTENT’ IS A WACKY IDEA  (Mainly because there's an astronaut in your kitchen) 

I frequently tell you that everything is actually quite simple.  And just as often, I tell you that we human beings are much more complex than we tend to truly realize.  Are these two statements antithetical?  Yes.  Are they both true? Yes.

And in fact, many antithetical things live in you.  We are full of antitheses, polarities, non-consistent actualities.  But it's only at the level of language, that things seem inconsistent, appear somehow to be in opposition to each other.  This is "duality" itself.

But Reality is non-dual; it's the whole, all together.  Only on levels that are beyond all language, can Reality be apprehended.  In actual Reality, opposites exist together with no problem.  Black and white can live in the same space.  Up and down can occupy the same space - right and left at the same time - no problem - no "inconsistency".  What seems to us inconsistent, is just us not grasping it from a wide enough perspective. Inconsistency is the mind's idea, the ego's preference.

If you're looking for consistency, you'll never find it.  But of course, if you narrow down your view, you'll believe you're seeing consistency. Nevertheless, anything that's alive, is not consistent - can't be 'consistent' in any way.  Consistency is found only in the graveyard. Living processes don't require consistency; they require consciousness. Yet typically people truly expect a certain coherence, the appearance of consistency.  A + B = C. Reality has no requirement that A + B equal C.   

Reality doesn't care about the human mind's formulas and expectations. Nothing is required to add up.  Nothing absolutely must compute.  Computing is for computers, not living beings.  To really understand people and how we're put together, looking for consistency is not the proper approach.  This is just trying to know Reality through ideas. Reality doesn't care about your ideas.  Reality, Eternity, Infinity, Truth, God - have no trouble with inconsistency - are not requiring 2 + 2 to equal 4.  It's only the human ego, the limited (dualistic) mind - we ordinary folks busily running around with our little personalities, who insist that things have to 'make sense'. 

This doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with making sense - with ideas or concepts or insights - not at all.  None of it presents any actual problem; it's all fine (from the greater perspective).  But true knowing, direct experiencing, is an entirely different level - does not depend on the internal consistency of ideas or the demonstration of 'logic'.  Those are irrational requests, not at all valid demands.  They're just ego ideas.

In fact, if you don't know something "directly", if you don't have your own direct experiencing, it can't be anything other than a concept.  It's somebody else's idea of truth, of reality, of what life is all about.  But when it's your experience, and therefore you can start to experience beyond yourself, only then are you an actual space traveler.  Then you're moving into the universe in a wider way.  Then you can start to feel Eternity, see something of Infinity.  Isn't it obvious that (simply by definition) Earth is a space ship?  It's a hunk of matter, moving around in space!  That's an inarguable fact.  But isn't that also the most basic definition of a "space ship"?  You think you're standing in your kitchen, at the sink, washing the dishes - but actually, you're an astronaut, floating around in space!  It's just plain obvious enough, isn't it?

So my suggestion is that you abandon the dishwasher conditioning and see the actuality: an astronaut is washing the dishes, and the kitchen sink is orbiting the Sun.  Get rid of the silly beliefs that the materialist approach insists on, and open your mind to the actual facts.  Be willing to be astounded, astonished.  And there's nothing astounding about consistency.  Let go of your conditioned insistence on the 'realness' of everyday "reality" - and be open to actual Reality. That Reality, leads to Truth, to God, to the non-duality of Existence itself.      

~ Swami Premodaya 

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