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102 S Topanga Canyon Blvd
Topanga, CA, 90290
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I-CODA International Centers of Divine Awakening , founded by Swami Premodaya is a spiritual center to promote growth of the individual's innate spirituality. Offerings include public events, online satsang, discourse, all day workshops, and spiritual retreats.

Inviting the World


The International Centers of Divine Awakening support and promote the growth of innate spirituality through individual guidance, public events, and by disseminating information regarding spiritual awakening. We are located in Los Angeles and Brussels, and much of what we offer can be experienced entirely online.

Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya brings together his 40 years of professional psychology practice with 38 years of devoted spiritual practice as he reaches out to all who seek transformation and realization.

"You Are Not On Your Own"

Excerpt from an International Centers of Divine Awakening (ICODA) Satsang, 9 January 2016, with Swami Premodaya.

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“This life is a calling to a higher life… Everything is a message from the Divine.”     - Swami Premodaya

“This life is a calling to a higher life… Everything is a message from the Divine.”

- Swami Premodaya

Spirituality is neither ancient nor modern, Eastern or Western, true or untrue. Spirituality is the individual’s sincere attempt to reach Reality, to verify God, to touch the Ultimate.
And this is the actual purpose of life. It is far beyond the mind, more immediate than the body, more profound than feeling, and utterly mysterious - the Mystery that is resolved by surrendering totally to it, but never “solved” or reduced to understanding (which would be just mind-stuff). Spirituality is not part of life; life is part of spirituality. We are spiritual beings even more than we are human beings. Your human life is a time-bound starting point meant to help you discover the Eternal, the Infinite, the Unconditionally Loving - and the Highest-Most, Unsayable-in-Words, Beyond Everything, Divine Itself.
— Swami Premodaya

ICODA is a 501c3 non-profit organization.