Formal Discipleship


A Calling of the Heart


Initiation into formal discipleship is a unique and incomparable relationship, unlike any other possible relationship. There is nothing more truly radical, deeply transformational, and profoundly life-altering, than formally acknowledging one’s discipleship with an actual (i.e., God-commanded) spiritual master. Becoming a disciple or devotee is a deep calling from the heart to once-and-for-all dedicate your life to Truth, to Spirit which in fact is Self—to the actual Divine.

Discipleship is a recognition. It’s when the disciple has recognized his/her true teacher, his/her Master. A moment comes when the disciple recognizes “Yes, this is the one. Through him/her I find my Freedom.”


Disciples live and work as they wish, and participate with the ICODA Sangha (spiritual community) to any degree they choose. Being a disciple typically signifies wanting to cultivate greater receptivity to the Spiritual Master’s demonstrated transformational and transcendental benefits.

Swami Premodaya has been initiating spiritual seekers into formal discipleship since 2006, ranging in age from 2 to 86.


The spiritual path is foreign terrain, and the master knows the topography, knows the territory, knows where to step and which rocky path to avoid. He or she is familiar with the terrain. That’s the primary difference between you and the master; this strange land is not foreign to the master. He or she guides you, and now you’re not alone. Now you go, with someone firmly holding your hand. Now the fear is bearable, because you can trust.

Discipleship is by application. Applying does not guarantee acceptance.

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