SATSANG fellowship

Satsang Fellowship at ICODA


Submit your spiritual question upon registration and - or - simply join us for these monthly online gatherings. These deeply intimate meetings provide the rare opportunity to come together for inner exploration and going beyond the self. A brief discourse or Swami Premodaya video is followed by question and answer and self-discovery work.

Satsang supports and promotes self-knowledge, transformation, and true clarity. Seekers of all ages and stages come together as a community of support and sharing, forming a milieu conducive to truth and inner peace. Strangers quickly become friends in the loving atmosphere of Satsang, as we come to experience what lies ‘beyond the self’ in each one of us.

By donation (all are welcome)

Global Spiritual Community


⬥ An opportunity to ask questions, get real assistance, and discuss what matters most to you on your spiritual path;

⬥ Receive support from Advanced Disciples of Swami Premodaya, Aden Sletta, and Swami Sky. Recognized and publicly acknowledged by Guru Premodaya as Advanced Disciples, Guru Mandali, and are Advanced Certified ICODA Practitioners;

⬥ Question and discussion time with the kinship and support of like-minded seekers.

Facilitators: Advanced Disciples of Swami Premodaya, Aden Sletta, and Swami Sky




2:00pm to 3:30pm (US Pacific Time)

 "We all need massive help–every day!" – Swami Premodaya

SIGN-UP is required to participate in Satsang Fellowship, and will remain open until 1:00pm the day of the event. 

We will send the zoom login information to the email you register with.

Satsang Fellowship is made possible through your donations. To make a donation, click the button below.