Created By Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya

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Right Understanding Will Immeasurably Improve Your Life

Not since Gautama Buddha, has any Spiritual Master created meditations of contemplation & understanding such as these by BODHISATTVA SHREE SWAMI PREMODAYA—simple, clear, profound and directly transformational.

Swami Premodaya’s meditations are original, i.e., not based on any other systems or approaches (other than employment of the traditional ‘sitting’ and ‘pondering’ arrangements). He refers to the methods he has created as “meditations of contemplation and understanding.” He has designed them to be effortless in practice (guided—the practitioner only has to listen and follow the simple directions and instructions), but profoundly consciousness-altering and life-changing in effect (promoting rapid and significant spiritual insight; fostering de-conditioning from [false] societally instilled precepts about the nature of life, reality and human beings).

“… To overcome anger and hatred, practice the contemplation of compassion. It illuminates the causes of anger and hatred within our own minds and in the minds of those who have precipitated it. To overcome craving, practice the contemplation on impermanence, illuminating the birth and death of all things. To overcome confusion and dispersion, practice the contemplation on the full awareness of breathing. If you regularly practice these … contemplations, you will attain liberation and enlightenment.”
— Gautama Buddha

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This Event Includes:

⬥ Meditations for today’s fast-paced scientific world by Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya. Experience ‘The Profound’ and ‘The Ultimate’—directly—through these unique and original one-hour guided journeys of contemplation and deep seeing. Ideally suited to the modern mind, and available exclusively at ICODA

⬥ The benefit of meditating together with like-minded seekers

⬥ A one-hour guided sitting meditation—just relax, listen, and learn.


7:00pm to 8:00pm (Los Angeles time)

October: "Flow With The Go"

November: "End Your Ceaseless Mind Chatter"

December: "Going Beyond Your Own Limited Experience"

"Superb understanding for the modern person."
-Naja Rickette, Spa Owner West Hollywood