President, Chairman of the Board

Aden had studied with Swami Premodaya at ICODA for a number of years, prior to requesting formal discipleship. He was initiated in 2011. Having demonstrated intense devotion and a consistent passion for service to the Guru and the Guru's Divine mission and message, he was appointed to a permanent staff position, "Administrator", in 2014. Aden now provides seekers with an embodied and visible example of what the practice of Guru-Bhakti Yoga actually looks like, in real life, and how much can be accomplished, on both worldly and metaphysical levels. He is the only disciple who has been capable of undergoing a complete "spiritual transmutation", a painful process performed by Swami Premodaya in 2015, which involves entering a person's body-mind system ('internal self') and reconfiguring it, over a 15-hour period. The result was readily apparent to Aden himself, and to all who knew him: his presence had been powerfully enhanced, his abilities had been clearly elevated. In the years since, continued spiritual tutelage and diligent practice have visibly strengthened, solidified and amplified his innate personal qualities of goodness, acceptance, gentleness, kindness, generosity, unconditional lovingness, even the gift of a calming and healing presence – such that his spiritual Master declared him to be "49% human being, 51% celestial being".

It is because of such attributes, coupled with his tireless eagerness to serve so devotedly, selflessly and conscientiously, that in early 2022 he was promoted to the dual roles of ICODA President and Chairman of the ICODA Board of Directors. Of Premodaya's (approx. 60) disciples worldwide, he is one of only five, who has been designated by Swami Premodaya as an "Advanced Disciple". Aden successfully completed the entire program of intensive training and rigorous spiritual practices required to become an official "Advanced Certified ICODA Practitioner", sanctioning him to represent Premodaya's profound spiritual contribution to humanity, and authorizing him to provide direct spiritual service and guidance to others at ICODA.

Swami Premodaya has instructed that after his own death, Aden should permanently remain ICODA's president, due to his demonstrated honesty, impeccable integrity, and obvious humility and dependability – essential primary traits in anyone leading an organization solely dedicated to preserving and disseminating the legacy – including a voluminous body of work left behind – of a genuine God-ordained Guru – a Spiritual Master who has proven metaphysical abilities to help and permanently transform and uplift others.

“Just like my own incredible transformation - the opportunity to serve others in being transformed by my Guru’s work is an absolute honor and privilege.”   – Aden Sletta