Swami Sky smiling. Sky is the Lineage-Holder at ICODA and an Advanced Disciple of Swami Premodaya.

Swami Sky

Director of Operations

Sky has been a Hollywood fixture for decades, working in the art and props departments on major feature films and television shows. He describes feeling "Divinely led" to Swami Premodaya: a book by Osho (Premodaya's beloved Master) was unexpectedly thrust into his hands by a stranger on a plane; almost immediately afterward, he saw an ad for ICODA's upcoming, very first public event, on 2 October 2004. Seeing Premodaya's picture in that ad affected him powerfully, and he knew he had to attend. When he first laid eyes on Premodaya from a distance, he immediately recognized him as his Master. Sky has faithfully participated in almost every single event, ever since. When Swami Premodaya was later Divinely commanded to fulfill the traditional role of (Vedic) "Guru", it included being required to offer formal initiation into discipleship (Divinely explained to Premodaya simply as: "Some people need that").

When Swamiji announced this, Sky became his first formally initiated disciple, in January 2006. Moreover, from the outset, Sky has played the key role in shaping the nature of the organization, the "sangha" (i.e., the spiritual community that naturally accrues around a genuine Spiritual Master), and even Premodaya's very guruship. (ICODA is the non-profit vehicle for Premodaya's spiritual work.) Besides profound engagement with Swamiji's direct spiritual guidance on a daily basis, Sky has diligently participated in – and directly assisted in a significant manner with the development of – all of ICODA's various trainings, classes, workshops, retreats – i.e., essentially all ICODA events spanning nearly two decades. He served for six years in the volunteer position of "Coordinator of Volunteers", while at the same time donating thousands more man-hours to creating and operating ICODA's recording and transcription activities, program development and event planning and set-up, procurement of necessary materials and adjunct resources, and much more.

Sky not only satisfied all intensive, rigorous requirements of the "Advanced Certified ICODA Practitioner Training Program", but fifteen years ago, was the first, and only, enrolled student! He is ICODA's archivist, 'historian', and is one (of currently four) designated by Swamiji as an "Advanced Disciple". He was ICODA's 'director of media' on a volunteer basis for all those fifteen years, until being hired in October 2022 as permanent staff. Under his tireless leadership, his "Director of Media" role rapidly expanded, requiring a new role be created, when he was shortly promoted to "Director of Operations". Sky's spiritual growth and advancement demonstrably exemplify the results of Premodaya's God-given mission to make himself "available to others spiritually". Sky has so devotedly absorbed his Guru's transmission and message, that he now accurately and unerringly (i.e., without any 'interpretation') represents, delivers – and is able to share and/or apply – Premodaya's original and unique methodologies of timeless spiritual guidance, to any person seeking such help. In this sense, he is the singular "lineage-holder" at ICODA, in the sense that he will represent Swamji's legacy, after the Guru passes away. Premodaya will remain the Guru (there will be no successor), with Sky functioning as 'the final word', regarding anything having to do with 'the teaching' and its implementation.

“My Guru has given me everything! – so my greatest pleasure in life is to serve my beloved Master, Swami Premodaya, and his Divine mission".   – Swami Sky