31st BI-ANNUAL ICODA RETREAT (11 – 14 October)

31st BI-ANNUAL ICODA RETREAT (11 – 14 October)



11 – 14 October 2024

ICODA’s spiritual retreats have proven to be powerful vehicles for accelerated personal growth, permanent transformation and true realization. This human life is a profound cosmic adventure. Premodaya’s work makes the deeper levels of this journey more directly tangible and experienceable for the sincere spiritual seeker. Sharper awareness, expanded consciousness and more compassionate and loving relations, are the richer possibilities that pave the path to the God-centered/Truth-devoted life. The daily life by-products along the way are Love (‘open-heartedness plus compassion for all suffering’), Wisdom (‘Truth-devotion’ plus equanimity) & Happiness (‘God-consciousness’ plus subjugation of the mind). Together these engender – if Grace intends – true Freedom (the Freedom that is beyond life & death and has total Surrender at its core) and Divine Peace (“the Peace that surpasseth understanding” and is founded in an absorptive/immersive Bliss – which is the same as a permanent condition of ecstatic non-separation: the Universal Oneness as manifested in the [apparent] individual).



⬥ A 4-day opportunity to work with Swami Premodaya directly and to bring what matters most to you, including the kinship and support of a global spiritual community.

⬥ Each ICODA Retreat is entirely unique. In addition to working with Swami Premodaya directly, this retreat will include spiritual exercises, meditations, and video and/or audio clips.


REGISTRATION: To register offline, phone ICODA at 310.497.1899 (USA). You can call to arrange payment, or mail your check (payable to ‘ICODA’) to our mailing address below (your registration is complete once your payment has cleared). Due to this year’s online (Zoom) setting, there are no limits to the number of attendees allowed, which was only necessary in the past due to space limitations at some venues.

International Centers of Divine Awakening
PO Box 1282
Topanga, CA 90290

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT: Please note that credit card payments incur a 4% surcharge, due to credit card company fees ICODA is required to pay.


If limited income or resources genuinely precludes your being able to attend, ICODA offers financial assistance in the form of payment plans and/or scholarship opportunities, for qualified applicants. All scholarships are partial scholarships, i.e., you must pay something. Scholarship applications must be submitted no later than 10 August 2024. You can download the scholarship application form.

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY: Tuition paid for ICODA residential and/or online retreats is non-transferable. Tuition paid is non-refundable, except in the form of ICODA credit. This means that if you need to cancel for any reason whatsoever, we will gladly apply your paid tuition amount toward any future ICODA retreat, event, or other offering (with certain limitations, as stipulated below):