ICODA HOLIDAY: Discipleship Day

ICODA HOLIDAY: Discipleship Day


5 August

Celebrating the miracle of discipleship in the disciple’s life.

Commemorates Swami Premodaya’s 5 August 1983 formal initiation as a disciple of Osho.

“Discipleship is a phenomenally rare occurrence on this planet. Generally, ego has reigned supreme throughout human history, characterized by violence, greed, selfishness, cruelty and pleasure-seeking. Discipleship is the rejection of that way of living, and a Grace-given turning toward the higher Truth beyond self. The ceremony of initiation includes the creation of a palpable metaphysical bond between master and disciple, and publicly demonstrates the disciple’s determination to choose God over illusion, and to accept the oneness of all. Discipleship is the only God-given method in this (and every other) universe, for human-type beings to move toward living more and more in accordance with the (quite real) Divine plan for us all”.