ICODA HOLIDAY: Osho’s Birthday

ICODA HOLIDAY: Osho’s Birthday

Osho’s Birthday

11 December

Celebrating the presence of the guru in the disciple’s life

“Celebration is without any cause. Celebration is simply because we are. We are made out of the stuff called celebration. That’s our natural state – to celebrate – as natural as it is for the trees to bloom, for birds to sing, for rivers to flow to the ocean. Celebration is a natural state”.
~ Osho

“Life is meant to be a celebration…We celebrate everything!”
~ Osho

The final ICODA annual holiday is 11 December. Osho was born 11 December 1931. Swami Premodaya’s precious, Beloved Master, Osho, had, and continues to have, phenomenal influence on the spiritual lives of millions of people around the world.

Premodaya recommends 3 things, at minimum, to celebrate Osho’s birthday:

  • remember Osho throughout the day, especially his “celebrate everything” attitude toward life;
  • watch or listen to Osho at least once that day (YouTube, internet, CD, etc);
  • before the day has ended, meditate for at least 15 minutes on Osho’s photo, or on what he has brought into your life – and/or do one of Osho’s signature meditations (Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, etc.).

And if so inclined, get together with others who love Osho and/or Premodaya, and enjoy celebrating together.