Bhakti Talk Podcast
Bhakti Talk Podcast
“Guru,Bhakti, & Yoga” - Episode 3

Guru, Bhakti, & Yoga 

Shomari Dev joins the Bhakti Talk Podcast to share her fascinating spiritual journey. Shomari Dev is an Advanced Disciple of Swami Premodaya, the Administrator of ICODA Brussels, a certified yoga instructor and myofascial release therapist, and a former professional dancer and choreographer who has toured the world. Shomari’s decades of education and experience with movement and awareness give her a unique & authoritative perspective on the human body and spiritual practice.

Swami Premodaya says, “Spiritual advancement always includes a bodily manifestation.”

Enjoy another fun episode of the Bhakti Talk Podcast as Ananda Dev and Swami Sky have a lively conversation with Shomari Dev.

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