Bhakti Talk Podcast
Bhakti Talk Podcast
"Guruji's Legacy-Holder"- Episode 5

In this episode, the Bhakti Talk Podcast welcomes ICODA’s President and sole and singular Legacy-Holder of Swami Premodaya, Aden Sletta. Aden shares his childhood search for God and the miraculous events leading up to meeting Swamiji – including the importance of receiving his spiritual name, the transformational effects of carrying out a “Guru device,” and the spontaneous healing ability bestowed upon him to benefit others.

Swami Premodaya has instructed that after his own death, Aden should permanently remain ICODA’s president, due to his demonstrated honesty, impeccable integrity, and obvious humility and dependability – essential primary traits in anyone leading an organization solely dedicated to preserving and disseminating the legacy – including a voluminous body of work left behind – of a genuine God-ordained Guru.

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