Bhakti Talk Podcast
Bhakti Talk Podcast
“Unwrapping the Gift of a Spiritual Name” - Episode 4

Swami Sky and Ananda Dev discuss the significance of asking for and receiving a spiritual name. The spiritual name gifted to you by a genuine Spiritual Master often encapsulates your true nature (who you really are) and your specific path in this lifetime. A new name given by a genuine Guru can transform a practitioner’s life by offering a clean break from the past – and marking a newfound commitment to God, Truth, and Reality. 

This ancient tradition of receiving a spiritual name is a remarkable gift that keeps on giving.

Swami Premodaya: ‘When you receive a spiritual name from your Guru it represents the deepest Truth of who you are and the direction your life will go.’, ‘It’s a new beginning, a new birth.’

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