Bhakti Talk Podcast with Swami Sky & Ananda Dev
Bhakti Talk Podcast
"Who Is Swami Premodaya? & What Is Bhakti?" - Episode 2

Who is Swami Premodaya? & What is Bhakti?

Swami Premodaya has stated: “All spiritual roads lead to bhakti.” There are many spiritual paths, but ultimately, they all lead to bhakti (devotion and love). So the question becomes: if we consider ourselves a spiritual seeker, and we’re headed there anyway, “Why not focus on love?” Yep, it even means ‘knowledge path’ seekers, if they enter fully into Divine knowledge, will find themselves in devotion! Guruji, affectionately known as ‘the practical Guru,’ gives us a clear understanding in the simplest form: to grow in our spiritual wisdom and see for ourselves that all roads truly lead to bhakti (love).

In this episode of the Bhakti Talk Podcast, Ananda Dev and Swami Sky talk about their Guru, Swami Premodaya, and share their love of the devotional path.

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